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Parent & Tot

Parent and tot employs gymnastics as a vehicle to help your little one's social, emotional, and motor skill development. You will join your child in imaginative play and movement activities, which will serve as our primary tools to accomplish these achievements. Parent and Tot is a grand adventure designed to support you and your child through their physical, social, and cognitive growth. In this class, we will reinforce concepts such as time (before and after), sequencing, and numbers.


  • 18 months - 3 years old
  • Parent participation
  • 30 minute class one time a week
  • Free Chasing Gravity t-shirt
  • No registration fee
  • Student to teacher ratio is 6:1.
  • $66 a month


Little Kipper - 3 Yrs old

Your little one is on their way to becoming a big kid as they join their first independent class at Chasing Gravity Activity Center. Our Little Kippers class will employ your little's imagination to acquire skills like counting and color identification. Each month will feature two different themes designed to help your child learn through creativity. Kids tumble with purpose into social and emotional development via movement such as using play to learn listening skills and making friends

Junior Kipper - 4 Yrs old

Junior Kipper is your little one's last stop on their journey to graduating into the big gym. Chasing Gravity Activity Center Junior Kipper's class will continue to use play to tackle important cognitive and physical milestones such as advancing with counting and patterns. While also progression their motor skill development further by incorporating more gymnastics skills. Your little one will enjoy tumbling and swinging their way into their next adventure.


  • 45 minute class one time a week
  • Free Chasing Gravity t-shirt
  • No registration fee
  • Student to teacher ratio is 5:1 for Little Kipper and 6:1 for Junior Kipper
  • Themed lesson plans to help kids learn gymnastics through creativity
  • $91 a month.

Mini Ninja

Chacing Gravity Mini Ninja class is geared to childhood development, using positive reinforcement for kids who are LEARNING how to LEARN. Your little one will swing, roll and balance their way through class everyday as they try to earn badges. Then, at the end, its time for THE GAME! The game is a floor is lava obstacle course where the kids get to use the skills from class and their own creativity to make it to the end.

In class kids wear the achieve sleeve, which is a wristband for collecting badges. Just like the scouting programs, where kids earn merit badges, kids can earn NINJA badges when they conquer class challenges, master their skills, or display good character. Mini ninja uses colored animal badges for their achieve sleeve. They can only earn badges on days they wear their sleeve to class, so it also teaches responsibility.


  • 3-4 years old
  • 45 minute class one time a week
  • Includes Ninja t-shirt and Achieve sleeve
  • No registration fee
  • Student to teacher ratio is 5:1
  • Themed lesson plans to help kids learn ninja through creativity.
  • $91 a month.

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